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Business Analytics Research Guide

Searching for Books

Quick Search records include a brief description and location information for books, journals, and other items owned by the Library. NOTE: You will also find records in Quick Search for individual articles. We recommend you choose a relevant article index to search for journal articles, rather than using Quick Search.


  1. You may use Boolean operators AND, OR or NOT to link or exclude concepts. Note: AND, OR and NOT must be capitalized!
  2. If you are searching for books, use Tweak my results on the right of your search results page and choose Books under Format Type.  Alternatively, use Quick Search's Advanced Search and choose Books & more with the Material Type drop-down menu.   (Remember you will need to get the call number of your book to find it in the Library.)  
  3. To find ebooks, follow tip 2 above and then use Tweak my results to select Full Text Online under Availability. Use your ebook's Online access link to open and read the book!


Search Tools - Books, Reserve, Interlibrary Loan

ISU Library Quick Search
Find Books & More (ISU Collections)


Print reference books for the are located in Tier 2 at Parks Library. You'll find a large collection of encyclopedias and handbooks related to all areas of the life sciences. Online reference books are hosted by a variety of services and the best way to find them is through Quick Search.

Here are a few of the reference books and databases available through the ISU Library:

Print books for the life sciences are located throughout the Parks Library. Depending on what you are studying you may need to visit several floors. You can use the Call Numbers in Parks Library webpage as a quick guide but it's better to use Quick Search first. As a distance student you can request print materials through Interlibrary Loan.

Online books are hosted by a variety of services.See the eBook Services tab for more information on eBooks.

The best way to find both types of books is through Quick Search!
(box on the left and the e-Library homepage).

Some sample ebooks from the ISU Collection:

The University Library subscribes to many eBook services. The best way to locate ebooks is through Quick Search but you can also browse individual collections. Below are the collections most likely to be of use to Business Analytics students, faculty and staff.

For more information about ebooks @ISU please visit the E-Books at Iowa State University guide.

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