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Eveything you need to get you started with altmetrics.

Example Impactstory Profiles

Each researcher uses Impactstory in a different way. Check out a couple of the profiles below to see some of possibilities.

Keith Bradnam

Associate Project Scientist, Korf laboratory, UC Davis Genome Center
Research focus: Bioinfomatics, coding, and genome assembly assessment.

Christopher Madan

Post-doctoral fellow, Boston College.
Early career reseacher (PhD in 2014)
Research focus: memory, reward, emotion, and spatial cognition.

Holly Bik

Assistant Professor, University of Birmingham.
Early career researcher (PhD in 2010)
Research focus: environmental sequencing, genomics, and marine biodiversity research.

Justin Murphy

Assistant Professor, University of Southampton.
Early career researcher (PhD in 2014)
Research focus: international and comparative political economy, political conflict, media, and quantitative methods.

These profiles were shared voluntarily by their owners/creators.

Make altmetrics work for you

One of the most difficult things about altmetrics is that they are tracked in many different ways and across many different platforms. This page will go over:

  • Tools to help you manage and track your research outputs and their altmetrics
  • Example profiles.
  • How to make altmetrics work for you.


Impactstory: Your CV, but better.

Impactstory is a tool that gathers altmetrics from many sources under one roof. It is a way to promote, manage, and share your research and scholarship. Some researchers are using Impactstory as an alternative to a static online CV/resume. Impactstory is able to collect this information through ORCID

View an example "new research impacts" email (example profiles on left)

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Things to know about Impactstory

  • Impactstory is currently the only tool that provides this type of service for individuals.
  • Profile linking and item loading into your Impactstory profile may take some time (up to a day or two).

More Advice and Resources

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