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Biology Research Guide: Home

Introduction to library resources and other information sources for biology students.

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Guide created: 8/04/08
Last updated: 08/05/13


This subject guide is for Biology. Each tab contains information and links to regularly used resources by students, faculty, andotherresearchersinterested in the biological sciences.

Should you have any questions regarding your search for information, feel free to contact one of the librarians : Heather Lewin, Megan O'Donnell, or Michael Bobb.

Off-Campus Access

Most of our online indexes, ejournals, and full-text articles can be accessed off-campus using your ISU Borrower ID and password. See Set your Library password for more information.

Distance Learning students: Can't find your ISUCard number? Login to AccessPlus. Choose ISU IDs in the left sidebar to find your ISUCard number. Your Borrower ID is the last 11 digits of your ISU ID number. (Problems? Contact See also our DL Guide.

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