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Accessibility and Library Materials

Information on accessibility of materials, software, and hardware for people with disabilities and all our communities

To-Do List - Projects

1. Test Accessibility of LibGuides 

2. Gather and organize accessibility information on ebook platforms, with goal that library staff will have current accessibility information to inform their ebook acquisition decisions

3. Incorporate Disability access statement into overarching Collection Development policy

4. Promote HathiTrust Print Disability Access process and documentation

5. Make available documentation on how to create accessible materials, focusing on common formats

6. Create beginning documentation for Kurzweil

7. Gather and organize accessibility information on streaming video platforms


Welcome! This Guide will help you understand various accessibility issues, including how to create accessible materials in common formats, plus accessibility of various library materials.

Please contact me if you have any questions or need assistance using any of the tools listed here or help finding the information you need!

Susan A. Vega García
Assistant Dean, Inclusion & Equity
Liaison Librarian: Ethnic Studies & Diversity 

ISU Library's Collection Development Statement (Approved Feb. 2018)

We strive to acquire electronic resources that are accessible for persons with disabilities and all our communities. Toward this end, we make accessibility inquiries and testing a standard part of the selection to acquisition process.  We make informed and intentional decisions, as well as communicate with vendors the ongoing need for products that are accessible to people with disabilities and all our users.

Your Librarian

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Susan A. Vega García
Assistant Dean, Inclusion & Equity
Associate Professor
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Iowa State University
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