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HIST 333: Asian American Material Cultures


Brief Description: This course will study material objects created and used by Asian Americans. We will begin by studying the theoretical and methodological foundations of material culture studies asking why practitioners of this field have, for the most part, ignored Asian American contributions. We will also think about the key precepts of Asian American studies including identity formation, a social justice approach that encourages student activism, and interdisciplinarity, the central methodology of Asian American studies. Combining historical and contemporary focuses, we will engage in a reconsideration of the classificatory terms used to refer to material objects asking why and how we characterize “things” as art, material culture, decorative art, objects, folk art, crafts, artifacts, cultural landscapes, and built environments.

Instructor: Dr. Jane Dusselier

Office: 639 Ross

Office Hours: By appointment

Class Schedule: T/R 12:40 - 2:00

Librarian: Tobie Matava

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