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BIOL 354L: Animal Behavior (labs)

This guide is for students enrolled in BIOL 354L: Laboratory in Animal Behavior.

Welcome to the research guide for Biology 354!


  • Course Instructor: Alex Walton -
  • Lab instructor: Amy Geffre -
  • Librarian: Megan O'Donnell -


Email Megan if you have a research question, be it small or large! Emails are usually returned within a few hours as long as they are sent during normal work hours (M-F, 8-5).

Taxonomic names improve searches!

It will be helpful to know the scientific name of the organism(s) you will be studying. First look up your insect on Carolina Biological Supply's website and then search for it in on of the tools below. The classification for the California harvester ant (Pogonomyrmex californicus) is given below as an example.

Order:  Hymenoptera   Family:   Formicidea   Genus:   Pogonomyrmex   Species:  californicus

In-Class Group Activity

Get the Worksheet

The worksheet is available as a Google Doc.

You will need to:

  • Login to your Google Account and then go to File > "Make a copy" 
  • Go to File > "Download as..." and download a copy to edit on the desktop.
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